The ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Situation: A Crunch Time Debut

Monday night’s (September 20) season premiere of “Dancing With the Stars” reminded us of a few things that we already knew (like that Jennifer Grey moves awfully well) and taught us a handful of things we were not already aware of (like that former star of MTV’s “The Hills” Audrina Patridge is a pretty good dancer). But all the focus (at least as far as the MTV Newsroom Blog is concerned) was on Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, star of MTV’s “Jersey Shore” and one of the more interesting contestants on this version of the show. While the Situation certainly ran into some speed bumps during his first performance (he is in a three-way tie for last place with David Hasselhoff and Margaret Cho, all of whom scored a dreadful 15 points), he did show some potential.


During the Situation’s introduction package, the show established that the MTV star only had five days to prepare and rehearse for his first performance because of the “Jersey Shore” shooting schedule (most every other contestant had been working for two weeks or more). The Situation’s partner, Karina Smirnoff, seemed a little nervous but was also charmed by his earnestness and his willingness to learn. When the time finally came to dance (their first dance was a cha-cha-cha), it looked competent but still sloppy and unpolished. The judges seemed to think he had potential and appreciated his enthusiasm, but they were ultimately not impressed by what the team put out there.

Still, there will probably be safe passage into week two for the Situation, as Cho seems like the likely candidate for dismissal in the opening week (of the three lowest scores, she probably has the weakest fan base). The “Can the Situation improve?” story line has already made this a compelling season.

What did you think of the Situation’s performance on “Dancing With the Stars”? And what about Audrina Patridge? Could she totally win the whole thing? Let us know in the comments!

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