Kanye West's 'Runaway' Voted His Best Single

It has been five days, but Kanye West's "Runaway" is still in heavy rotation here in the MTV Newsroom. We're still trading our favorite lines and allowing ourselves to get wrapped up in the haunting piano line that tumbles in and out of the beamed-from-Pluto beat. It's truly a great song and will no doubt end up on countless best-of lists at the end of the year. But how does it match up against West's library of killer singles?

That was the question we put forth yesterday, and now that the votes have been counted and the results tallied, it turns out that readers of the MTV Newsroom Blog are just as enthusiastic about "Runaway" as the rest of us are. It came in first in the voting, scoring 27 percent of the total vote for the clean victory. But perhaps that was to be expected — after all, it's easy to get caught up in the newness of it, and it's impossible to tell how good "Runaway" will sound six months from now (though it seems like it will hold up). That's why the second place song was the most intriguing, as it represented the highlight of West's back catalogue. The number two Kanye West single of all time? "Jesus Walks," the cinematic banger from West's first album The College Dropout. It took home 17 percent of the vote.

Third place belonged to "Stronger," which scored 11 percent of the vote, followed by "Through the Wire" and "Flashing Lights," which grabbed nine percent and seven percent respectively. At the bottom of the pack? "Love Lockdown" and "Heard 'Em Say," each of which got a mere two percent (a disappointing showing for those tracks, both of which rank among West's most envelope-pushing). "Power," "All Falls Down," "Good Life," "Gold Digger" and "Heartless" made up the middle of the pack, each getting between three and seven percent.

Though it didn't appear in the poll, "Can't Tell Me Nothing" probably should have been included (as commenter Josh pointed out). Also, commenter yoprince put forth a passionate argument for "Gold Digger." "People have clearly forgot how epic 'Gold Digger' really was on all fronts," he wrote. "'Runaway' is dope as hell though."

No matter how "Runaway" ranks against the rest of West's career, it has certainly got people talking, and that bodes well for the rapper's new album — one that the music world is waiting for with eager anticipation.