Lady Gaga’s Meat Suit Voted Most Outrageous Fashion Choice Of All Time

The world appears to still be amused, confused and fascinated by the meat suit that Lady Gaga wore to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards last weekend. It’s easy to get into hyperbole, but the outfit was truly amazing, as it acted as both a shocking piece of wearable art and a complicated piece of couture that designers and stylists have been trying to decipher all week. It got the world talking, which is really all Gaga wanted in the first place. So in addition to her eight wins at the show (including the Moonman for Video of the Year), she also grabbed the biggest and most plentiful headlines.

But where does Lady Gaga rank among the other over-the-top fashion choices at the Video Music Awards? We asked just that question yesterday, and we got thousands of responses. And just as she did this past Sunday (September 12), Gaga emerged the big winner, as the meat suit took home a full 63 percent of the total vote, putting her in first place and keeping an overwhelming distance between herself and second place. Who came in that number two position? That would be Lil’ Kim and her boob-exposing purple get-up that allowed Diana Ross to grope her inappropriately in 1999. She earned herself 16 percent of the vote.

After that, it was pretty much open season. Rose McGowan scored herself nine percent with her bottom-bearing outfit, followed by Lady Gaga’s red lace ensemble from the 2009 show. Howard Stern’s Fartman costume and Tommy Lee’s trench-coat-and-sneakers combination were next, followed by Soul Asylum frontman Dave Pirner’s SpaghettiO’s T-shirt and Macy Gray’s release date dress. Each nominee was certainly a big fashion moment and a memorable point in VMA history, and once again, Lady Gaga stands alone on top of the heap.

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