The ‘Devil’ Playlist: Exorcise Your Demons With Outkast, Aerosmith And Iron Maiden

It’s an unusual time for films at the moment, as the summer blockbusters are all in the rear view mirror but the big prestige movies are still a few weeks off. Clearly, Hollywood also has no idea what the people want in the month of September, as this weekend’s films are an incredible cross-section of cinema styles. Luckily, that gives everyone the chance to indulge in something they’ll love. This weekend sees the opening of the Ben Affleck heist drama “The Town,” the much-anticipated adaptation of the best-selling book “Never Let Me Go,” the D.A. Pennebaker-directed baking competition documentary “Kings of Pastry,” the teen sex comedy “Easy A” and the is-it-fake-or-isn’t-it film “Catfish.” But we’re already getting ready for Halloween, which is why we’re into the scares built into “Devil.”

The set-up for “Devil” (produced by the polarizing mind of M. Night Shyamalan) is brutally simple: A handful of strangers are trapped in an elevator where a malevolent force is threatening them. Can they get out? What is attacking them? Who will survive and what will be left of them? It’s a chilling idea that should make for some excellently claustrophobic psychological horror.

In order to properly prepare for “Devil,” take a spin through the video playlist below. It traffics in two areas: Satan himself and the less-evil idea of elevators. The Prince of Lies gets all sorts of salutes (Beck’s “Devil’s Haircut,” Children of Bodom’s “Smile Pretty for the Devil,” the Lawrence Arms’ “The Devil’s Takin’ Names”), while elevators do have a surprising number of references (Aerosmith’s “Love in an Elevator,” Flo.Rida’s “Elevator”). We kick things off with Outkast’s “Elevators,” which is not only about moving up but is also a little bit spooky to boot.


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