Is Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress The Most Outrageous VMA Fashion Of All Time?

People are still talking about one of the biggest moments of the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, which was Lady Gaga’s strange, impressive and logistically confusing outfit made of meat. As the biggest star of the night (she won eight Moonmen, half of the total awards given out), all eyes were on her when she scored the victory for Video of the Year and gave her acceptance speech in said outfit. Her fashion choices are always scrutinized (the meat dress was one of three looks she used last weekend), but this one has set the Internet ablaze for many reasons. Just about everybody has weighed in, including PETA, fashion critics, designers and the Chick-Fil-A cows.

But where does Gaga’s fashion choice rank among the most outrageous choices in the history of the VMAs? Check out our nominees and vote in the poll below.

Lil’ Kim’s Breast-Exposing Outfit
Even if Lil’ Kim wins a Nobel Prize in Physics, she’ll still be best-remembered for wearing a purple outfit that allowed Diana Ross to grope her exposed breast.

Macy Gray’s Album Release Date Dress
To promote her upcoming sophomore effort The Id, Macy Gray wore a dress that announced “My New Album Drops Sept. 18 2001.”

Rose McGowan’s Barely-There Outfit
As the date of rocker Marilyn Manson (a fashion icon in his own right), the actress wore a dress (if you could call it that) that only partially covered her underwear-free backside.

Tommy Lee’s Trench Coat
Ever the envelope-pusher, Tommy Lee came to the 1999 VMAs wearing nothing but a trench coat and sneakers.

Dave Pirner’s SpaghettiO’s T-shirt
The Soul Asylum frontman showed up with Wynona Ryder on his arm and a dirty T-shirt on his back.

Howard Stern’s Fartman Costume
What more can be said about this?

Lady Gaga’s Red Lace Outfit
Honestly, one of Gaga’s biggest bits of competition is herself, as the red lace number she wore to the 2009 VMAs was pretty jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring.

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