How I Got Bleeped At The 2010 VMAs!

Step aside, Andrew “Dice” Clay. There’s a new king of VMA censorship in town.

Yep, I got bleeped during the live 2010 MTV Video Music Awards pre-show. But relax, mom — I didn’t say “f—” or “s—” or “c—” or “n—–.”

So what was my dirty word that triggered an audio drop-out from the standards and practices team? It was two words, actually: “Free Weezy.”

It came right after a joke about the year’s big collaborations, including Lil Wayne and the police. As is customary in 2010, any reference to Lil Wayne must be followed by a “Free Weezy” proclamation (the same way you might tack on an extra “ella, ella, ella” if you had uttered the word “umbrella” in 2008).

But folks at home didn’t hear my “Free Weezy.” Instead, they were left wondering, “Did that dorky guy with the yellow bow tie just curse?”

When I found out about my too hot for MTV moment, I died laughing. (The producers of the pre-show were equally flabbergasted and amused.) So I hit up the MTV Standards and Practices department to find out the deal. Did I actually say something objectionable or did their team f— up?

As it turns out, it was both. “Free Weezy” is a touchy subject around these parts. According to the MTV censors, the network tries to stay out of any “free [convicted celebrity]” endorsements so that they can avoid lengthy discussions with advocacy groups who are quick to accuse the network of actually suggesting convicted criminals be freed. (When you put it that way, it makes sense.) At the same time, my contact at Standards and Practices admitted that I shouldn’t have been bleeped in this particular instance, since I was obviously cracking a joke. He chalked it up to an overzealous delay person. Better safe than sorry, of course.

The irony, of course, is that when I was bleeped, my Twitter feed exploded with followers who thought I had just screamed, “F— the police” live on television.

With one trigger-fingered censor, I was made to look like way more of a rebel than I actually am. And that f—— kicks ass.

Check out my accidental NSFMTV moment below!


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