B.o.B's 'Magic' Video: The Key Scene

The transition from mixtape dynamo to above-ground hip-hop star can be tricky, and it's an even more impressive feat when you can leap into a role as a mainstream genre-bending pop sensation. But that is exactly what B.o.B has done over the past year, applying his laser-sharp flow and his passion for wordplay to tracks that borrow from old-school hip-hop, radio rock, mainstream R&B and whatever else he feels like twisting. He has had a busy week, as he opened the first Home and Home concert for Eminem and Jay-Z in Detroit on Thursday night (September 2) and also premiered the video for "Magic," the anthemic track from his debut The Adventures of Bobby Ray that features Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo singing the hook.

The clip finds B.o.B stumbling into a somewhat benign dream world, where women eat their Fruity Pebbles out of the bathroom sink and open doors in his house suddenly lead to Eden-like gardens (complete with digital flamingos). Eventually, a dance party breaks out in his bedroom featuring a handful of lovely ladies, and the dream version of B.o.B tries desperately to awaken his sleeping self for the sake of joining in.

The rest of the video takes place outside, where fans have gathered to see B.o.B and Cuomo performing the song with an overwhelming amount of kinetic energy. Cuomo seems especially thrilled to be up there, dancing, smiling and holding down the song with his signature croon. But the key scene is when B.o.B dives into the crowd and lets them carry him in a classic crowd surf. The look on his face is contagious — you can tell he's thinking "I have a hit album, a bunch of huge singles and a spot performing at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards — life is good!"