Harvey Keitel For 'The Office'? What Would Mr. Pink Say?

One of the most interesting story lines going into the new television season is the question of who will replace Steve Carell as the centerpiece of "The Office." The show is entering its seventh season, which will be the final one for Carell and his paternal boss character Michael Scott. The producers have committed to soldiering forward with the show after Carell's departure, though it's unclear who they might be recruiting. According to producer Paul Lieberstein, the number one choice to fill in for Carell is a strange one: Harvey Keitel. "I haven't started any talks with his people, but Harvey would do a great job — a very different energy," Lieberstein (who also plays beleaguered HR rep Toby Flenderson on the show) told E!. "And we don't want to bring in another Michael, having someone play a very similar character because we have such a high regard for Steve."

The idea that Keitel would bring "a very different energy" than Carell has to be one of the greatest understatements of all time. While it's not entirely certain the show even needs a Carell replacement (the show has such a huge and talented ensemble cast that it would be extremely easy to shift the focus elsewhere), the idea of getting a totally opposite personality is inspiring. In fact, the producers of "The Office" should go whole hog and replace the entire cast with cast members of "Reservoir Dogs," Quentin Tarantino's directorial debut that starred Keitel as the pragmatic felon Mr. White.

Michael Madsen as Dwight

Madsen played the unhinged Mr. Blonde, the unpredictable psychopath who enjoys torture and just wants to get Seymour Scagnetti off his back. He could easily play the Dwight role on the show, which requires a tremendous about of otherworldly energy and a sometimes scary level of commitment.

Tim Roth as Pam

Problematically, there aren't any roles for women in "Reservoir Dogs," so who fills in for foxy receptionist, mother and artist Pam? It would have to be Roth, who is a tremendous actor capable of playing anything from a savage super-villain to a time-traveling romantic (those are references to "The Incredible Hulk" and "Youth Without Youth," by the way). Besides, his character in "Reservoir Dogs" is pretending to be somebody he isn't, so why couldn't he also assume the role of a woman?

Eddie Bunker as Creed

Bunker doesn't have much heavy lifting during "Reservoir Dogs," but the few lines he delivers pack a memorable punch — not unlike Creed, the eccentric, mysterious older guy who needs as many chairs as possible.

Steve Buscemi as Jim

Buscemi's Mr. Pink is the only crook among the crew who keeps a (relatively) level head throughout the proceedings in "Reservoir Dogs," which makes him a perfect fit to slide into the role of Jim, who usually ends up being the one reasonable mind in a sea of craziness.

Quentin Tarantino as Kelly

Both Tarantino and customer service expert Kelly Kapoor talk fast and are obsessed with celebrities, making them two peas in an unusual cubicle-shaped pod.

Kirk Baltz as Toby

Baltz, better known as the guy who gets his ear cut off in one of the most memorable scenes in "Reservoir Dogs," is basically in the movie to be abused — just like the oft-put upon Toby.

Who would you cast as a replacement for Steve Carell on "The Office"? Let us know in the comments!