Eminem And Jay-Z's Tour Riders: 'Late Model' Maybachs And 'Soft Toilet Paper' Please

Tonight (September 2) in Detroit, Eminem and Jay-Z will kick off their much-hyped "Home and Home" concert series with a pair of shows at Comerica Park (home of the Detroit Tigers). It's clearly a huge event, and somewhat appropriately, it will come with a pair of equally huge riders.

After all, Em and Jay are not only two of the biggest names in hip-hop, they're two of the biggest stars in the world, which means that their list of pre-show demands (also known in the business as "tour riders") are epic as they are, well, specific. For example, Jay-Z requires the house to furnish him with a Maybach for the day, though not just any Maybach — it must be a "late model black Maybach '57 or '62 with tinted windows." Eminem won't get off the bus unless he's guaranteed a steak dinner fit for a king ("porterhouse or filet mignon cuts" only). And the lists go on and on.

Why do they demand those things? Well, because they can. So with the "Home and Home" shows upon us, we decided to highlight some of the more esoteric requests from Em and Jay's previous tour riders, with a little help from folks over at the Smoking Gun. Have a glance, and pray that Comerica or Yankee Stadium don't cut corners when it comes to the grape jelly or the toilet paper.

Jay-Z's Tour Rider

» One late model black Maybach '57 or '62 with tinted windows.

» Seven dressing rooms, one for Jay with a "relaxed atmosphere" and "tasteful, living room type furniture" with matching end tables.

» Two six-packs of Sapporo beer, one bottle of Belvedere Vodka, two bottles of Patron Silver, two bottles of "Red, Italian wine from Bolgheri Region," two bottles "Ace of Spades" champagne.

» One martini shaker.

» One jar "good quality" grape jelly.

Eminem's Tour Rider

» Seven sofas and two loveseats in "somewhat neutral" color.

» "Soft toilet paper."

» A "game room" with "an arcade type ambiance," featuring a ping pong table and a portable basketball hoop set up outside the dressing room area.

» A meal consisting of boneless, skinless chicken breast, turkey burgers without buns, tuna melt, steak dinners ("porterhouse, filet mignon cuts"), baked potatoes "with American cheese and sour cream on the side."

» 12 cans of Myoplex Low Carb drink and lo-carb protein bars (Em was probably a big Atkins guy).

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