Supergrass Experience Some Bad, Ridiculous Luck: Wake-Up Video

Some bands have all the luck, and some bands can't buy a break. Supergrass belong in the latter category, as despite a series of buzz-heavy singles (including "Alright," the breakout hit from their debut album I Should Coco that was also featured on the soundtrack to the hit movie "Clueless"), they never seemed to be able to get over the hump for a true breakthrough (at least in America, anyway). And on this day in 2007 (just as they were , the band had to put all of their business on hold when bassist Mick Quinn broke his back and heel in a supremely unfortunate accident.

While staying at a villa in France, Quinn fell out of a first floor window. The bassist was sleepwalking and managed to tumble out of the window to the ground below. He had to be rushed to a spinal specialist in Toulouse who immediately operated on Quinn to repair a pair of broken vertebrae as well as the smashed heel. Quinn made a full recovery, but a handful of tour dates had to be called off and the release of their new album Diamond Hoo Ha was delayed. Once Quinn got back to full health, he was often seen wearing a T-shirt that read "Tough Cookie," which is what Supergrass frontman Gaz Coombes called him during interviews after the accident.

Even though it had to be delayed, the album was worth the wait. Diamond Hoo Ha is a fantastic album, full of punchy punk-based songs and delightful nods to British glam. Though the group broke up earlier this year because of creative differences, the final album they left behind is a winner, and the title track totally rules.


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