Smashing Pumpkins' Mexico City Show Interrupted By Luchadors

There are a handful of things you are likely to see at a Smashing Pumpkins concert. You'll definitely get a turned-to-11 blast of industrial-sized rock riffs. It's probable you'll get a few jokes from frontman Billy Corgan and some decent stage patter. You'll certainly get to see 20-year-old drummer Mike Byrne absolutely tearing up the kit. But at the Pumpkins' concert stop at the National Auditorium in Mexico City on Friday (August 27), the band was interrupted by a trio of Mexican luchadors who attacked Corgan, which required the assistance of three more warriors who made the save.

During the show, Corgan was interrupted by Alex Koslov, Hernandez and Decnis, three stars from the Mexican wrestling group AAA. They claimed that that performance was no good and that they had decided to shut down the whole evening, even going as far as attacking Corgan. Once they laid a hand on the 43-year-old Chicagoan (and professional wrestling enthusiast), that was the cue for La Parka, Mesias and Extreme Tiger to hit the stage to make the save. They saved Corgan from physical harm and chased the three villains ("heels" in wrestle-speak) away to let the concert continue.

This is hardly the first time that Corgan has been associated with the squared circle. He did an angle on the old Extreme Championship Wrestling television show back in the day, which saw him smash a guitar over the head of Lou E. Dangerously. Back in 2008, Corgan loaned the Pumpkins' song "Doomsday Clock" to independent outfit Ring of Honor to promote one of their pay-per-view events. And most recently, Corgan did promo work for Total Nonstop Action's annual Lockdown event, which saw him in the middle of a steel cage reciting the lyrics to "Bullet With Butterfly Wings." He even showed up to the Sunset Strip Music Festival a day later with his lucha mask-wearing son. The guy is clearly a fan, and will take any opportunity to throw a little wrasslin' into the mix.

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