Mick Foley Reveals The Famous Wrestlers Who Forgot It Was ‘Fake’

If there is one thing that makes professional wrestlers bristle, it’s when people use the “F” word. (No, not that one.) Call pro wrestling matches staged or pre-determined, but don’t call them “fake.” While the rivalries, moves and winners are all determined by writers crafting scripts for television, the falls are real, the injuries sometimes severe and the dangers always prevalent. And even though it’s staged, there are always some guys who get a little too into it and end up throwing real punches and kicks. In wrestling parlance, this is known as “working stiff.”

Mick Foley has been around the block, and as a key member of most every major wrestling organization of the past 20 years, he has worked with some of the biggest names in the business. So which one of those legends stiffed him the most?

“I could say Vader, though a lot of people don’t remember Vader,” Foley told MTV News when he stopped by to chat about his appearance on “Warren the Ape” and his upcoming book “Countdown to Lockdown: A Hardcore Journal.” “There were some things where he was hitting me so hard, and you wanted to say ’Did you not get the memo?’ It was just ridiculously hard.”

But Foley said that there was one guy who was especially aggressive. “Stone Cold [Steve Austin] in his prime was no day at the park when he was firing up for his big comeback,” Foley said of the star of “The Expendables” and, like Foley, a former multi-time WWE Champion. “The crowd would be so enthusiastic and he would feed off that enthusiasm. Everyone would benefit except me. But the truth is, among all the wrestling opponents that Steve had, we’d all commiserate and say ’But we can’t say anything — he’s Stone Cold!'”


Foley can be seen fending off over-enthusiastic grapplers every Thursday night on “TNA Impact!” on Spike, and you can read all about his ascent in the Total Nonstop Action organization in “Countdown to Lockdown: A Hardcore Journal,” which will be available in book stores in October.

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