Happy Birthday, Demi Lovato!

It’s a special day for birthdays, and not because Fred Durst is celebrating (though you know that he is). No, today is the day that actress, musician and “Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam” star Demi Lovato turns 18 years old. For a girl who is only now just old enough to vote, she has certainly accomplished a great deal, starring in the Disney Channel hit “Sonny With a Chance” as well as the first “Camp Rock” film (which was one of the most-watched Disney Channel movies of all time). But it’s her music career that has been the most impressive aspect of her young career, as she has released two well-received albums and has performed for tens of thousands of fans (including on this summer’s “Camp Rock 2” tour with the Jonas Brothers).

Lovato’s first album, 2008’s Don’t Forget, came on the heels of the first “Camp Rock” film. With some assistance from the Jonas Brothers (they co-wrote six of the album’s 11 tunes), Don’t Forget is a super-charged batch of pop-rock tunes that take advantage of Lovato’s versatile voice and knack for wrapping herself around sweet melodies (especially the hit single “Get Back” and the punchy “La La Land”). She followed up that album with Here We Go Again a year later, which debuted on top of the Billboard album chart. Her second album strips away some of the layers of sound of her debut and breaks the songs down to simpler forms (it’s especially prevalent on “World of Chances,” which she co-wrote with John Mayer). And, not surprisingly, her tunes are some of the best on the recently-released soundtrack album for “Camp Rock 2,” highlighted by “Brand New Day” and “Different Summers.” In honor of her birthday, we’ll be cramming 18 candles onto a single cupcake (or, short of that, we’ll just present her video for “Here We Go Again”).