The 2010 MTV VMA Countdown: Fiona Apple Tells Us A Thing Or Two

The 2010 MTV Video Music Awards less than a month away. The biggest party of the year features nominated clips by Lady Gaga, Drake, Eminem, Jay-Z, Ke$ha and Katy Perry and will feature performances by Kanye West, Drake and Florence and the Machine (with many more to be announced). In order to properly prepare yourself for what's to come, every day the MTV Newsroom Blog will deliver a classic moment in the history of the MTV Video Music Awards. Today's installment: Fiona Apple uses her acceptance speech time for a little heart-to-heart.

The 1997 MTV Video Music Awards were unhinged in a number of different ways: Host Chris Rock took the reigns for the first time, Busta Rhymes bonded with Martha Stewart, Marilyn Manson frightened the pants off of everybody and Jamiroquai took home an armload of awards and were never heard from again. But perhaps the most notable moment came during the award for Best New Artist.

Elton John presented the prize that year, which featured nominees Fiona Apple, Jamiroquai, Hanson, the Wallflowers and Meredith Brooks. In something of an upset, Apple scored the victory and seemed genuinely surprised when she approached the stage to accept her Moonman. Once she got on the microphone, things went a little off the rails.

"I didn't prepare a speech and I'm sorry, but I'm glad I didn't because I'm not going to do it like everybody else does it," she said at the top of her time. She followed up with a Maya Angelou quote before dropping her classic line: "Everybody out there who is watching this world — this world is bulls---," she told the home viewing audience. "Go with yourself."

The strangest thing about it? After shouting down how fake "this world" is, she went ahead and thanked her mother. The whole speech was met with a mixture of vague enthusiasm and confusion, though it did lead to one of Rock's best lines of the night: "Let's hear it for Fiona X!"

The 27th annual MTV Video Music Awards will be broadcast live from the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles on September 12 at 9 p.m. ET.