Tila Tequila’s Juggalo Disaster Joins The List Of Wildest Stage Attacks

This past weekend played host to one of the biggest underground music festivals of the year. No, not Outside Lands in San Francisco (which saw Kings of Leon, the Strokes, Phoenix, My Morning Jacket and a handful of surviving members of the Grateful Dead overcome frosty temperatures in Golden Gate Park), but rather the annual Gathering of the Juggalos. The festival, hosted and organized by Insane Clown Posse and featuring most of the artists on the roster of their record label, extended over four days and also sported a number of hip-hop legends, rides, games, seminars and wrestling. But the big headline to come out of the weekend was the unfortunate crowd reaction to Tila Tequila. Making her hip-hop debut on “Ladies Night,” Tequila was pelted with rocks, various pieces of garbage and human excrement while fans badgered her to take her top off (and then when she finally did, the deluge only got stronger). Tequila left the stage with a few cuts and bruises, cutting short her performance.

It’s an unfortunate incident at an otherwise mostly-positive event, and though she wasn’t able to truly establish herself as a Juggalo-friendly artist, she did get to join the list of staggering on stage projectile attacks.

David Bowie
In a scary incident that thankfully ended well, David Bowie was in the middle of a concert at a festival in Norway when he was struck by a flying lollipop. The stick got stuck in Bowie’s eye, which forced him to leave the stage and hold up the concert for nearly a half hour. But Bowie is nothing if not a warrior, and he came back onto the stage to finish the show.

Panic! at the Disco
When Panic! at the Disco headed to the Reading Festival for a performance in the summer of 2006, they were greeted with quite a bit of hostility by the crowd. During their set, singer Brendan Urie was struck in the head with a glass bottle (which may or may not have been full of urine). The blow knocked him unconscious and held up the show for a few minutes, but Urie was able to get back up and finish the set.

Green Day
Woodstock ’94 had a lot going against it. Rain had soaked the grounds prior to the kickoff and turned the field into a giant bog. Traffic was terrible. Crosby, Stills and Nash were on the bill. But the defining moment came on the festival’s final day when Green Day took the stage. Hot, dehydrated, exhausted and covered in mud, fans turned Green Day’s raucous set into a full-on mud fight, with the band happily returning fire.

Justin Bieber
Just a few months ago, one of the biggest pop stars in the world took a water bottle to the noggin, which prompted us to ask why anybody would do that to the 16-year-old Canadian.

In one of the funniest instances of projectiles ruining a perfectly pleasant afternoon, Jewel took the second stage at Washington, D.C.’s WHFStival in 1996. During her second song, she was struck in the chest by a Frisbee and ended her set right then and there.

What do you think of Tila Tequila’s appearance at the Gathering? Let us know in the comments!

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