‘Jersey Shore’ Season Two, Episode Three: By The Numbers

Three episodes into the second season of “Jersey Shore,” behavioral patterns are starting to emerge: Angelina cries, Sammi whines and Ronnie gets straight-up ridiculous. Three weeks into our ongoing, Excel-assisted “Jersey Shore by the Numbers” analysis, we wish we could say the same for their favorite words, phrases and trends.

Whereas episode one was teeming with talk of Miami and tanning, and episode two was all about love and boobs, these bon mots were shunted away during episode three in favor of references to God, violence and Enzo, the jolly owner of the gelato shop where the cast works.

And what an episode it was. Angelina laid the smack down on Pauly D, Ronnie and Vinny headed to the hood to get their ’dos cleaned up, and the boys bragged about their MVP club (and made their first season-two GTL reference). Grenades were encountered, drunken hiccups were unleashed and cuddles were enjoyed. But enough summary! Let’s get cracking with another statistical evaluation of linguistic customs on “Jersey Shore.”

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