Britney Spears Goes To See Lady Gaga (But Leaves Early)

It seemed like the meeting of two great pop minds when word spread that Britney Spears would appear at the Lady Gaga show at the Staples Center in L.A. on Wednesday night (August 11). Early on in the night, Britney tweeted that she’d be at the show to check out Gaga’s Monster Ball.

It was news that had Gaga bestie Perez Hilton all excited. He tweeted, “I’m hearing there are going to be some very AMAZING people in the audience at @LadyGaGa’s concert in Los Angeles tonight! @BritneySpears See you this evening! Xoxo”

And as it turns out, Britney did eventually turn up. Perez shared, “@ladygaga Britney is in the building! #PayingRespect.” However, it seems that Britney could only take so much of the Monster Ball. How do we know? A few hours into the evening, Perez wrote, “@ladygaga Britney left after only a few songs.”

Well, we can’t really blame Britney. She’s busy. She’s a mom. She’s Britney Spears. She lives by her own rules. (Plus, as an aside, the Monster Ball show is long.) But we have to say, despite leaving a bit early into the night and most likely missing “Bad Romance” in the process, it’s pretty cool that Spears, in her own way, was passing the pop queen baton onto Gaga (the same way Madonna once did to her). I hope they’ll spend some quality time together soon — and I hope that I get to be a fly on the wall when those two titans meet!

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