Katy Perry's 'Teenage Dream': The First Summer Jam Double Dip

Even though the readers of MTV News voted Lady Gaga's "Alejandro" as the biggest song of the summer a few months back, it now seems undeniable that Katy Perry's "California Gurls" is the official jam of summer 2010. And with today's release of the video for "Teenage Dream," it looks like Perry could be the first person to deliver the two biggest jams of one summer. MTV News' James Montgomery put forth that theory when he analyzed the clip earlier today, and he may be right. It's difficult to find an artist who scored a big summer anthem, and it's even more difficult to find somebody who can get two.

Part of the problem is logistical, as it's hard to release two singles and let them breathe in such a short period of time. But Perry's run-up to Teenage Dream (her hotly anticipated second album) has been timed perfectly, and the video — which depicts Perry on an idyllic road trip full of driving, frolicking and making out — is exactly the sort of jolt the track needs to conquer the charts in the same way "California Gurls" did.

In fact, the only artist who could possibly lay claim to having two big summer songs is Nelly, who spent 2002 plugging his second album Nellyville, which featured the official song of the summer in "Hot In Herre." By the time the season was winding down , he had another song making noise on the charts in "Dilemma," which was a much more mellow track that nevertheless got him even more mainstream attention. But "Dilemma" didn't have much of a summer vibe, and the rolling melody was so casual that the song sounded generic (it was the sort of tune that you knew you hard before, even if you hadn't). If "Teenage Dream" finds itself on top of the Billboard Hot 100 just like "California Gurls" did (it currently sits and number seven and should pick up a few more spots this week), Perry can safely claim the title of Queen of All Summer Songs.

What do you think of "Teenage Dream" — both the song and the video? Is Katy Perry the best summer jam artist out there? Let us know in the comments!