AFI Graduate From Pear Packers To Rock Stars

Don’t look now, but summer is slowly coming to a close. For many of you, that means an end to endless hours at the beach and casual afternoons letting time roll by. But for some, the end of summer will mean a satisfying exit from a summer job, which can sometimes be unpleasant, mind-altering experiences. Everybody seems to have had one terrible summer job, and it has become a regular right of passage for high school kids who head out to work on farms or bus tables at family restaurants.

But some summer jobs totally rule, and AFI have one of those gigs. They are the opening act for the recently-launched Green Day tour, which is a massive combination of pyrotechnics, singalongs, audience interaction and water cannons. The road trip took them to Lollapalooza on Saturday afternoon (August 7) to play a killer hour of rugged goth-glam stomps which had to have converted new fans and brought new people back to their excellent 2009 album Crash Love.

Even big-time rock stars have to pay their dues some time, and even before AFI were grinding away in a van and spending dates on the Warped Tour, three of the four of them held an ungodly dull, terrible job.


“I worked at a pear-packing plant, as did we all, or three of us at least,” guitarist Jade Puget told MTV News on the grounds of Lollapalooza in Chicago’s Grant Park. “Packing pears into boxes. It was pretty terrible. And I worked graveyard, so it was like four in the morning. I was actually that guy responsible for making sure the pear packers had boxes, so I didn’t even get to touch pears! Just cardboard boxes.”

The band has the shared hometown of Ukiah, California to thank. “We grew up in the same hometown, and pears is a big industry,” Puget explained. “We’re all pear men from way back.”

What’s the worst summer job you’ve ever had? Let us know in the comments!