Why Did Justin Bieber Get Hit By A Water Bottle?

Back in December, during a Christmas-themed radio event in Sacramento, Justin Bieber got clocked in the head by a water bottle thrown from the crowd. Somewhat surprisingly, footage of said clocking didn’t begin making the rounds on the Internet until Monday (August 9), which sort of makes us lose faith in our nation’s meme-ing abilities. Perhaps they were too busy with that “Double Rainbow” guy).

Luckily, Bieber wasn’t injured (his hair also remained intact), and we’ve got to admit that he handled the whole thing pretty well, joking “Ow, that didn’t feel good,” before continuing on with his show. And while bottles getting tossed on stage isn’t exactly a laughing matter, we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out that we’ve watched footage of the incident like 50 times already, and it’s sort of perversely hilarious. And after repeated viewings, we’re left with one glaring question: Why would someone throw a bottle at Justin Bieber in the first place?

So we pooled our collective brainpower and came up with some answers. Here are the 10 (somewhat) logical reasons why someone would chuck a bottle at the Bieb.

» Thought Bieber was dehydrated.

» Really excited for the 3-D movie.

» Used to date Kim Kardashian.

» Was M.I.A.

» Driven mad by extreme case of Bieber Fever.

» Bottle thrown by diehard “CSI” fan angry that his cameo would ruin the show’s gritty realism.

» Tried to stop puberty’s cruel advance by knocking him unconscious.

» Was North Korean.

» Had read Internet rumor that Bieber had died; convinced kid on stage was a zombie.

» Person was kind of a jerk.