MGMT Get Wet At Lollapalooza

See that up there? That's a pretty good example of what we in the business call "a provocative headline." Because earlier today, things were sort of lousy here at Lollapalooza, weather-wise at least. It was raining off-and-on for a few hours, which not only slowly turned Grant Park into an (even muddier) pit, but also wrecked havoc with our interview schedule.

So, when we finally managed to corral one-half of MGMT, it didn't take place on a sunny hill, overlooking the expanses of the park ... but rather tucked away in an extra-dry (and very nice) Lolla cabana. There's a reason people pay good money to rent these things for the weekend.

Anyway, while we were waiting to start our chat, we asked Ben Goldwasser and James Richardson about the weather (it's an old interview trick), which led to a lengthy discussion about just why the rain — and the accompanying slop it creates — tends to make for the best festival experiences. Or, at least, the best festival dancing. Something about body heat and the old "Lemmings" video game. Good theory, actually. Here, watch.


We saw at least a dozen people doing that shuffle already today, so it looks like MGMT know what they're talking about. Luckily though, things have already cleared up, so when they take the stage this evening, there probably won't be much in the way of dancing. Wait, that didn't come out right. You know what we mean though.

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