Watch 'Lollapalooza Live' With Cypress Hill, Switchfoot, MuteMath And Wolfmother

MTV News' "Lollapalooza Live" has been one of the highlights of a busy, action-packed Lollapalooza weekend here in Chicago's Grant Park. The live-streaming show has revealed Phoenix's pre-show rituals, a bit of Chicago hip-hop history with Kidz in the Hall, why American Bang aren't fans of Coldplay and founder Perry Farrell's philosophical approach to booking this year's version. It's been a fun, lively hour every day, and today, we do it one last time.

Join us at 5 p.m. Eastern for our final edition of "Lollapalooza Live." Today's guests include veteran hip-hoppers Cypress Hill, anthemic rockers Switchfoot, twitchy computer rockers MuteMath and the riff-happy Wolfmother. Hosted by Tim Kash and beamed live from the Adidas trailer backstage at the festival, "Lollapalooza Live" will give you the inside scoop on your favorite Lollapalooza performers and a taste of what it's like to be on the ground here in Chicago. We'll provide reports from all the biggest performances and also let you know what the vibe is like on the grounds. Did the rain dampen anybody's spirits? What are people most looking forward to tonight? How does this Lollapalooza rank against others?

So join us at 5 p.m. Eastern for the new episode of "Lollapalooza Live." Check it out below or at this link. We'll see you there!


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