Phoenix Reveal Their 'Artistically Drunk' Pre-Lollapalooza Ritual

By the time you read this, the fabulously Francophonic Phoenix will probably striding on stage for their Saturday night headlining slot at Lollapalooza 2010. And you might be wondering to yourself, just how did they spend their last fleeting seconds behind the curtain (we don't know, maybe you're weird or something.)

Did they all embrace, or spend a private moment reflecting? Was there some super-symbolic, super-secretive ritual performed? Nah, the basically all get totally hammered.

Seems nothing loosens them up before a show quite like a few belts of booze, cold saki in particular, though the way they see it, they're not getting plain-old drunk. No, they're getting "artistically drunk. The distinction is important.


Dude, we know a guy who can get you Absinthe ... cheap. Anyway, now you can probably bet that backstage at Lolla, they followed the same ritual. After all, this is a very big show. You don't want to tempt fate by changing things up. And maybe that also explains why they're always smiling so much.

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