Matt And Kim, Lady Gaga Prove That Lollapalooza 2007 Was A Great Year

When we spoke to Lollapalooza founder Perry Farrell on Friday (August 6) on the grounds of Chicago's Grant Park, he compared his year-by-year memories of the festival to making wine. "Then you look back and all of a sudden you realize that a particular year wasn't a good year for making wine," he explained. While Farrell wouldn't let us know which of the past festivals he considers the least of the batch in his cellar, he can rest assured that 2007 was probably one of the best vintages in recent history.

Three years ago, Lollapalooza featured headliners like Pearl Jam, Muse, Modest Mouse and Daft Punk, but on the smaller stages, greatness was starting to gestate. In an extremely early performance, Lady Gaga played in the middle of the afternoon on one of the festival's smaller stages (and three years later, she closed the first night with one of the most memorable headlining sets in Lollapalooza history).

And across the park, playing even earlier, you could find Matt and Kim. They started playing early in the day to an extremely small crowd, but since they, they have grown exponentially. They released their critical and commercial triumph Grand, won awards for their eye-popping video for "Lessons Learned," had their songs featured in movies and commercials and have traveled the world playing to much larger crowds. On Friday, they returned to Lollapalooza and played for a huge group of people who were hanging on their every keyboard pound and drum slap.

"It was a little intense," Kim Schifino told MTV News' James Montgomery following their set. "I'm going to admit something: During the last song, 'Daylight,' I got a little watery-eyed."

Check out a recap of Matt and Kim's Lollapalooza experience below, and remember that today's afternoon band is tomorrow's headliner.


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