Foxy Shazam Drive Through Lollapalooza, Meet The Kids, Destroy Our Equipment

Foxy Shazam are a totally insane band from Cincinnati, famous for their on-stage antics (plenty of acrobatics, extended horn solos, the occasional eating of cigarettes) and the manic machinations of frontman/fashionplate Eric Sean Nally, who is every bit as crazy as his pencil-thin mustache and page boy haircut indicates.

So, knowing all that — and, after watching the band's spastic Friday (August 6) set — we decided that we absolutely had to take Nally for a victory lap around the Lollapalooza grounds. Because this is how magic is made. So we commandeered a golf cart and did just that, whisking him from one side of Grant Park to the next. We didn't really have an editorial idea, per se, we just decided to have him go out and talk with as many members of the masses as possible. We honestly, didn't know how the whole thing would turn out, but we did it anyway.

Let's just say that Nally more than rose to the occasion. For nearly an hour, he vamped, cursed, flirted and generally freaked out everyone he met. We managed to cut the madness down to five minutes, and we're not exaggerating when we say it might very well be the greatest thing we've ever done. Even if he did end up snapping one of our microphone chords.

Watch as Nally flaunts his Martin Luther King tattoo, discusses the finer points of "Friday The 13th" killer Jason Voorhees, shakes hands with small children and convinces a crowd of onlookers that Carson Daly is dead. It's insane, compelling and sort of terrifying. Needless to say, we're pretty proud of this one.


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