Lady Gaga Dictated The Lollapalooza 'Paradigm,' According To Perry Farrell

The first day of Lollapalooza 2010 (August 6) was a roaring success, featuring memorable moments care of B.o.B, the Strokes, Hot Chip and a host of others. But the day was colored by the two appearances by Lady Gaga. The first came when she dropped in on the performance of her friends and opening act Semi Precious Weapons, and the second came later when she closed out the first night with a truncated version of her epic, theatrical Monster Ball show.

Gaga is probably the most pop-centric act ever to headline a Lollapalooza, and according to founder and organizer Perry Farrell, that is by design. "There's a new paradigm happening this year," Farrell told MTV News on Friday afternoon. "We're opening the doors to the world of pop, specifically to Lady Gaga."

Farrell also cited Hot Chip, Empire of the Sun and a handful of other acts who have come from the pop world and infected the rest of the music world. "They work with the best electronic musicians in the world, and we're really interested in electronic music," Farrell said.

With 2010's Lollapalooza already going down in the record books as one of the biggest (an estimated 80,000 people showed up to Grant Park in Chicago yesterday) and boldest (it's the most eclectic lineup in years), it looks like this version will hold up among the festival's all-time greats. And according to Farrell, that's not true of all of them. "Lollapalooza is like a crop. It's like making wine," he explained. "And then you look back and all of a sudden you realize that a particular year wasn't a good year for making wine."


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