Semi Precious Weapons Look For Food, Meet The Fans At Lollapalooza

You would think that Semi Precious Weapons work up quite an appetite crossing the country as the opening act on Lady Gaga's Monster Ball tour and putting out the sort of energy that they put out every night. But even if they were a bit peckish when they arrived at Lollapalooza this afternoon, they didn't show it.

"I don't eat in public," frontman Justin Tranter told MTV News. "That's for pedestrians. But I do drink in public, so let's see what we can find."

MTV News accompanied the band on a trip through the Green Street Farmer's Market, an area of Chicago's Grant Park that is new to Lollapalooza this year. The expanded area contains an area where artists can show and sell, as well as all sorts of green-friendly charities (there's even a place you can offset your carbon footprint). But the main attraction was the food, which included fresh fruit, organic coffee, some sort of cheese-on-a-stick construction and something called "cake balls."

Though Tranter wasn't interested in eating, he was interested in hooking up other people with refreshments. He scored a fresh fruit smoothie for one fan wandering past and treated another to a cup of iced coffee. Along the way, he struck down one person who called him a drag queen and shared some thoughts about Abraham Lincoln. He finally managed to find his first booze of the morning at the Metropolis Cafe, where his bandmates got coffee but he demanded whiskey. Miraculously, a bottle was produced and the whole band enjoyed their first shot of the day. It's further proof that at Lollapalooza, anything is possible and there's always a little magic around every corner.


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