'So You Think You Can Dance' Recap: The Finals Are In Place As Adechike Goes Home

Thursday night's (August 5) episode of "So You Think You Can Dance" was relatively light on drama but full of positive vibes heading into the show's set of finale episodes next week. The last three dancers standing seemed like something of a foregone conclusion, as Adechike was shown the door after a good run through the competition but steadily increasing negative reactions from the judges. Actually, that's not entirely accurate, as the judges didn't necessarily nay say on Adechike, but rather seemed to gush less about him than they did the three remaining contestants.

That makes the final three Lauren, Robert and Kent. Lauren's presence in the finals seemed automatic, as even if she wasn't as good a dancer as she is (and she has absolutely been killing it the past two weeks), it seems unlikely the show would allow a final to happen without a female. Kent may be young and occasionally lapse into cartoonish over-expression, but he has the moves and the energy to continuously impress people week after week (it could be easily argued that Kent is the most different from the dancer he was at the beginning of the season than any of the other remaining contestants).

And then there's Robert, who was invisible for most of the early part of the show but came alive in the past three or four weeks to really step his game up. In fact, he seems like the favorite to win the whole thing at the moment, as his flaws are not as readily observable as those of Lauren or Kent. While some fans may forever wonder just how far Alex Wong could have climbed had he stayed on the show, the three remaining finalists all do "So You Think You Can Dance" proud. Alex will have to wait for next season, but for Lauren, Robert or Kent, the future is only a week away.