Enrique Iglesias Water-Skis Nude, Just Like He Promised Us

By James Dinh

It's official. Enrique Iglesias is a man of his word. Footage of Iglesias water-skiing naked in Miami was just posted on TMZ. If you're a bit confused, then you probably were unaware of the singer's little bet. Last month, the Latin heartthrob made a bet that if his native country of Spain won the 2010 World Cup, he'd strip down nude and put on his favorite water skis.

Iglesias spoke to MTV News about the deal shortly after Spain's win, and while he planned on staying true to his word, he definitely wanted to keep the stunt on the down low.

"I'm waiting for a very, very, very dark night and ... yep, a bet's a bet," he told us. "At some point, I will have to do it."

And as with every daringly embarrassing bet, the singer explained there was a set of conditions he had to follow. "There was a bunch of [conditions I required for the bet]: I had to be a little drunk. It had to be late, late at night," Inglesias revealed. "And the thing about the bet, what's scary is that Miami's full of sharks, so you don't want to fall, middle of the night, naked in the ocean. It's not fun — especially drunk."

But for you ladies who are right on the verge of leaving Newsroom and heading over to TMZ, don't get too excited as the footage is rather grainy. The only resemblance to the singer is his hysterical laugh at the end of the tape. Whether that was due to his spectators, apparent alcohol buzz or the cold ocean waters remains unknown.