'So You Think You Can Dance' Recap: Lauren And Robert Surge, Adechike And Kent Stumble

We are dangerously close to crowning a new champion on "So You Think You Can Dance," a point driven home by Wednesday night's (August 4) episode, which saw the final four dancers exchange moves, jumps and spins for an hour of intriguing competition. You could safely say that each of the four remaining contestants — Adechike, Kent, Lauren and Robert — have a claim at the top spot, though after last night's show, it appears to be more of a two horse race.

Following a group number from "Guys and Dolls," Lauren kicked things off with a tango with All Star Pasha. It was a great show piece for Lauren, who created beautiful shapes and lines in a controlled, muscular performance. It didn't necessarily play to her strengths, but it definitely left an impression on the judges (though that won't be enough to save anybody this week, as the elimination will be left up solely to the viewers at home).

Adechike's African jazz routine was up next, and while it was high on energy, it lacked character. Despite putting in some excellent performances, the judges have become tougher on Adechike in the past few weeks, and it could be because he doesn't seem to be evolving much as a dancer. While his skills are clearly top-notch, he does tend to deliver the same kinds of performances, which could hurt him.

If there was a clear frontrunner in the first round of dancing last night, it was Robert. His Viennese waltz was beautiful and well-executed, and the judges gushed over his "surge" late in the competition. He had the benefit of exquisite choreography (care of Jonathan Roberts), and he managed to execute it with style and grace. The less said about Kent's disco routine, the better.

Things got slightly reshuffled in round two. Lauren delivered another strong performance with a contemporary jazz routine that was a little darker and sexier than she is used to. She didn't entirely pull it off (as the judges noted), but the work was solid and she should be safe. Adechike stepped up in his contemporary routine, which was perfectly executed and had a bit more character and nuance than his first dance. Robert solidified his place as the new alpha dog with a bizarre (but not unappealing) Nappytabs hip-hop routine, which saw him play some sort of evil clown (though not quite a Juggalo). And Kent recovered with a well-executed contemporary routine that had an extremely strong narrative.

Still, it may not be enough to save him. Lauren and Robert seem destined to move on, which leaves Kent and Adechike. Though it seems like the judges were clearly preparing for Adchike's exit (he was the only dancer who received any real negative feedback throughout the night), it seems like this is Kent's time to exit, if only because his disco routine was neither well-danced nor memorable. With the finals just around the corner, who will stand alone as this year's champion? We only have a few more episodes to wait.