Brett Favre May Be Retiring ... Again

A familiar story has crept out of the state of Mississippi. Just as he has for seemingly a decade, legendary quarterback Brett Favre has reportedly told people in the Minnesota Vikings organization that his ankle isn't healing correctly and he is thinking about hanging up the spurs. Though this time around feels a bit more legitimate (he did recently have ankle surgery, and his 40-year-old body would have to heal slower than his 30-year-old version) and no official announcement has been made, this news has been met with a healthy bit of skepticism. After all, Favre has officially waved goodbye to the game every off-season for the past several years, typically holding out until he can just bypass training camp and jump right into the season.

Why Favre just doesn't say "I'm not showing up to training camp" is a mystery, as the guy could probably get away with it without much blowback from his teammates. He's an older veteran who owns just about every statistical category for quarterbacks, and save for a handful of high-profile playoff snafus, he has steadily delivered throughout his career. It certainly worked out last year, as Favre carried the Minnesota Vikings to the NFC Championship before they fell to the New Orleans Saints (the eventual Super Bowl champs).

No matter what Favre ends up doing, he better make a decision quickly, as his presence in the league could deeply effect the MTV News fantasy football league (which we'll tell you more about when the time comes). In the meantime, Favre can make decisions about his career with the assistance of this awesome Pete Rock joint, which proclaims "I'm the king 'til I retire." Favre could safely say the same.