Paramore's Hayley Williams Is All Over The 2010 VMA Nominations

The big headline of the just-released 2010 MTV Video Music Awards nominations is the fact that Lady Gaga is all over the place. The clips for "Bad Romance" and "Telephone" are both nominated (including a Video of the Year nod for each), and Beyoncé's "Video Phone (Extended Remix)" — which prominently features Gaga — also scored some nods. Considering how much she has done for the music video world in the past year, it's no surprise that she would figure so prominently in this year's version of the show, which promises — as always — to be one of the biggest, loudest, most memorable parties of the year. In fact, get to work voting for the winners now.

But Gaga isn't the only artist multi-tasking this year. B.o.B has two clips nominated (both "Nothin' on You" and "Airplanes" scored nods), and Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams is also in two different places on the nominations board. Her band's "Ignorance" is nominated for Best Rock Video (a solid category that also features 30 Seconds to Mars, Muse, MGMT and Florence and the Machine) and she is also part of the nominations that B.o.B received for "Airplanes" (including a bid for Video of the Year).


Based on those two clips, Williams could certainly consider herself one of the best music video performers of the year. Whether she is simply evolving as a frontwoman or developing a better theatrical sense, she has put forth some extremely impressive work on film this year. Her "Ignorance" performance definitely expresses the sense of claustrophobia and underlying anger that exists in the relationship in the lyrics. "Airplanes" only requires her to be inspirational and mysterious, but she pulls it off with remarkable presence and charisma. Her finest performance came in the clip for "The Only Exception" (which could probably be tossed into the "snubbed" category), where she expresses the perfect combination of strength and sensitivity. If Hollywood ever comes calling, Williams already has a pretty impressive reel.