Drake Made Thank Me Later Leaks Work For Him: The MTV News Quote Of The Day

"They tried to force me into a situation — I'm not sure if it was the label — [but] somebody tried to force me into a situation and drop the album June 9. I really was like, 'June 9 isn't enough time to let them digest all the leaked music. If they got the music already, let's let them listen to it. Let's give them that two weeks to ride around to it and talk to their friends about it.' 'Cause that way, when they show up to the store, there's no pressure — you know what you're buying. You're just going to support an artist you love and music you believe in."

-Rap phenomenon Drake, discussing the logic behind holding to his debut album's release date even though much of the music had leaked well in advance. After a few false starts, Drake's Thank Me Later finally got a solid release date of June 15, but as many albums do, it managed to leak a few weeks prior to the drop. Though many artists have bumped up their release dates in the wake of early leaks, Drake stuck to his guns and let the June 15 date ride. It paid off for him, as Thank Me Later is on the verge of going platinum after only six weeks on the chart.

In fact, Drake only has one regret about Thank Me Later: The fact that the battle rap freestyle "9 AM in Dallas" wasn't recorded in time to be the album's intro. "The saddest part to me is that I would have made '9 AM in Dallas' the intro for the album, but I did it the day of mastering, which is crazy, so it couldn't make the album," Drake told MTV News.