Steven Tyler Wins 'American Idol' Classic Rock Judge Poll

Rumors continue to swirl about the new slate of "American Idol" judges. While Fox hasn't revealed any news about who may be sitting in the judges' chairs now that Ellen DeGeneres has checked out and Kara DioGuardi may not be coming back, the producers say that some of the rumors are indeed correct. Meanwhile, after showing initial reticence, Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler keeps talking as though he is close to scoring the gig, saying that it would not interfere with Aerosmith's touring plans and that he is fairly confident that he would make an excellent judge if given the opportunity.

If Tyler does score the job, he certainly has the endorsement of the readers of the MTV Newsroom. Yesterday, we wondered aloud whether or not Tyler would make for the best classic rock icon to serve as one of the show's new voices. In the end, the Tyler rumor seemed to please everybody too much, as he came in first place with 47 percent of the total vote. That's a healthy victory, putting him well ahead of second place vote-getter Steve Perry (who nabbed 25 percent of the tally). The Who frontman Roger Daltrey came in third with 10 percent, with Sammy Hagar not far behind with eight. Styx mastermind Dennis DeYoung (an entrant many of the Newsroom denizens thought would be a powerful dark horse) ended up only netting a paltry six percent, and poor old Michael Stipe could only muster three percent of the total support.

Whether or not Tyler takes the job (or it is ever actually offered to him) should become clear soon, but with voting like that, it certainly appears to be a mandate.