MTV News' #MusicMonday: Rory Culkin Is Down With Velvet Underground

Really, you should be listening to music every day, but thanks to Twitter, Monday has become the best day of the week to discover new songs, show some love to the tune currently dominating your iPod playlist and quietly judge the listening habits of your closest friends. Yes, it's #MusicMonday, one of Twitter's most enduring trending topics. Hence "MTV News' #MusicMonday," a weekly look at the songs your favorite stars are currently crushing on.

This week, "Twelve" star Rory Culkin gets broody with the Velvet Underground.

The accepted logic about the Velvet Underground, the legendary '70s band launched by Lou Reed and managed by Andy Warhol, is that though they didn't sell very many albums while they were active, they inspired thousands of other people to start bands for themselves. Not only was the group's sound envelope-pushing and inspirational, but they also applied a visual and philosophical approach to rock that created a fully-formed singularity that has rarely been matched since. No wonder so many people cite them as an influence.

The Velvets also inspired actor Rory Culkin, who had the track on repeat while he was working on his latest cinematic endeavor.

"'Venus in Furs,' by Velvet Underground," Culkin told MTV News' Jocelyn Vena at the red carpet premiere of the new movie "Twelve." "I listened to that like the whole time shooting 'Twelve' and just recently I started listening to it again and it's still kind of stuck in my head from back in my apartment. It's the first thing that popped into my head."


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