Kris Allen Outtakes: Falling Notes, Malicious Bus Wheels, The Band And E.T.

Any time I interview Kris Allen, things eventually get silly. Whether he's claiming to be a "gangsta" from Little Rock or we're geeking out over German board games, I can always count on returning to the office with tape that's not news, per se, but with tidbits that are too fun not to share with his devoted fans.

Hence, the outtakes.

In the latest edition, held over from when I interviewed Kris and his band at Yankee Stadium, the former "Idol" champ waxes poetically about tour bus wheel massages and chews me out for dropping my notes not once, not twice but three times during our interview. "You need a clipboard," said an amused Allen. Well, Kris, you need a set of "Harry Potter" books, since you seemed totally confused by my harmless "Chamber of Secrets" reference.

However, most of our sidebar conversations revolved around a plush E.T. mascot that lives on the Kris Allen tour bus. (At some gigs, the little bugger even plays tambourine on stage.) The fans demanded I ask Kris about the mascot so I hit that topic hard. Who does E.T. sleep with at night? Why does he ride shotgun? And how the heck does he tweet? (Yep, E.T. Mills, named after band-member Cale Mills, has his own Twitter account. But Allen confirmed that he has "no idea" who created and maintains the account.)

Just whatever you do, don't call E.T. a toy. "He's real, Jim!" said a horrified Allen. Later in the interview, E.T.'s papa Cale insisted, "He's not a doll."

Whatever you say, boys.

Enjoy the outtakes, Allen Nation! Come for the banter, stay for Kris' E.T. impression.


What do you think of Kris and Cale's "E.T. is real" talk? Is it an on-the-road inside joke taken to extreme lengths or have these two Arkansas boys legitimately lost it? Leave a comment below and give me a shout-out on Twitter @jambajim!