Kanye West’s Twitter, ‘Jersey Shore’ And Snoop Dogg’s New Friend: This Week’s Deep Cuts

Wiz Khalifa just left to head back to the bakery (that dude must love muffins), and it turns out the clock on the wall says it’s time to wrap things up for the week. We spent the bulk of the last few days in front of the television, as there were a number of shows that kept us attached to the warming glow. But didn’t it feel good to welcome Snooki, Don Draper and Tim Gunn back into our lives? Come on, you know it did. And in case you didn’t see any of your favorite shows and had to record them on your DVR instead, you should really get to work catching up with them. But before you do that, scroll down to check out any of the fantastically enthralling stories you might have missed this week on the MTV Newsroom Blog. We’ll be back on Monday for more news, analysis, opinions and insights, and get excited as we prepare for next weekend’s Lollapalooza.

» Kanye West found a new thing to conquer this week: The board rooms of social networking companies.

» “Jersey Shore” made its big comeback this week, starting with an appearance at the New York Stock Exchange.

» In case you forgot about what happened last season (and needed some rapid-fire video to tide you over until “American Idol” comes back), Jim Cantiello happily provided “Jersey Shore In 60 Seconds.

» The premiere was, of course, staggeringly awesome, as this handy bar graph proves. Science!

» Kings of Leon had an unfortunate run-in with some pigeons last weekend, leading to an early exit and a place on the list of most absurd concert exits.

» Not all the run-ins with animals were negative this week, as Snoop Dogg partied with a blinged-out sea lion.

» Justin Bieber announced he will be in next season’s premiere of “CSI,” which involves him in an orange jump suit. Don’t cross him — he’s a bad man!

» Amanda Bynes called take-backs on her retirement, which makes her just like Terry Funk.

» Who should Eminem’s next collaborator be? According to the readers, it should be Ludacris.

» “Mad Men” came back, and we celebrated with Handsome Boy Modeling School.

» In a strange, historic event, former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice sat down behind the 88 keys to jam with Aretha Franklin.

» Finally, with Nick Cave working on a screenplay to “The Crow,” don’t try to pretend Lady Gaga’s version of “Star Wars” wouldn’t be the greatest thing in the universe.