Snoop Dogg Rolls With A Seal At Sea World

Throughout his long and storied career, Snoop Dogg has been responsible for classic hits (“Who Am I? (What’s My Name?),” “Gin and Juice,” “Drop It Like It’s Hot,” “Sexual Seduction”), incredible collaborations (with legends like Dr. Dre, Tupac, Mariah Carey and Eminem), amazing feats of cross-promotion (Snoop has endorsed clothes, malt liquor, hot dogs, skateboards and just about everything in between). But as far as we can tell, he has never once spent quality time with a blinged-out seal at an aquarium.

Until now, that is.

Snoop paid a visit to SeaWorld San Diego (following a recent concert in the area) to spend some time with Clyde the Sea Lion. Snoop also interacted with a number of other animals at SeaWorld and also made an appearance with Clyde at the park’s Sea Lion and Otter Stadium venue.

“SeaWorld San Diego’s Clyde the Sea Lion wanted the rapper to know that he too can bring the bling,” a press release from SeaWorld read. “Clyde said he’d be happy to collaborate with Snoop Dogg on one of his future hip-hop songs!” It’s unlikely that Clyde will be appearing on any future Snoop Dogg releases, though there’s no reason why he couldn’t provide some backing barks on a remix of “Gangsta Luv.”

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