Ke$ha Considers Country: The MTV News Quote Of The Day

“I’m really inspired by country music. My mom wrote country music and I love Dolly Parton and Johnny Cash. I think at some point there might be some country collaborations or records in the future. But I’m also really digging being called, like half-jokingly, a white-girl rapper. I think it’s really funny and I’m going to ride that train for a little bit.”

-Esoteric pop star Ke$ha, discussing her inspirations and the possible future she may have in country music. She told Paper magazine that though she adores old Dolly Parton and Johnny Cash albums and think she will dabble in country music eventually, she is enjoying her current place in the pop music landscape.

Elsewhere in the interview, Ke$ha also talked about her various tattoos (and the unusual way she goes about getting them). “A friend of mine told me you can [create a tattoo] with pen ink and a safety pin, and I was like ’That’s amazing. I could give tattoos at anywhere in the world at any hotel,'” she told Paper. “I saw this hot dude recently and I gave him a tattoo sitting in the lobby of the hotel. I was just like ’Can I borrow a pen and a sewing kit?’ I think I got an admirer out of that one.”

Ke$ha is currently on the road with Rihanna as part of the Last Girl on Earth Tour, which is taking her across the country. She continues her assault on the pop charts, as both her current solo single (“Take It Off”) and her collaboration with 3OH!3 (“First Kiss”) are smashes.

Do you think Ke$ha should go country? Let us know in the comments!

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