Robyn’s ‘Hang With Me’ Video: The Key Scene

The slow-but-steady international invasion from Robyn, the lovely, funky, occasionally foul-mouthed electro-pop starlet from Sweden, continues in September with the release of Body Talk Pt. 2. It’s the second part of a planned trilogy of albums expected to hit in 2010 (Body Talk Pt. 1 hit stores in June, and Body Talk Pt. 2 should be available by December), a series that follows up on her breakthrough self-titled album that became a cult hit in 2005 (mostly on the strength of the singles “With Every Heartbeat” and “Konichiwa B—-es”).

Her latest single “Hang With Me” might be her best yet. It’s a frothy, jittery disco track that really lets Robyn’s voice — a clean, sweet instrument — dance around the beats with a throw-your-hands-in-the-air melody. It would be very easy to see it become a massive hit. “Pop should be seductive and sweet when it can,” Robyn said of the song. “I felt like I could be on ’Hang With Me,’ in a uncompromising way. It’s like a sweet and sour bon-bon wrapped in melancholy. Yum.”

The single won’t be formally released for a while, but the video just premiered. It’s a classic road video that follows Robyn on tour and points out the highs (riding roller coasters, meeting fans, playing live) and the lows (eating terrible food, taking never-ending bus rides, anonymous hotel rooms, constant packing and re-packing) of the touring life of a star. In the clip’s key scene, she sits at a nondescript restaurant and nibbles on an English breakfast while people look on curiously. It’s a perfect distillation of the strangeness of the road.

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