Meeting Enrique Iglesias, Talking About Nudity

On Monday (July 19), I had the distinct pleasure of meeting "Bailamos" singer and star of "Hero" (the greatest music video of our time) Enrique Iglesias. His appearance in the MTV Newsroom had caused quite the stir with the ladies of MTV News in the hours before his appearance (and in the hours thereafter, for that matter). Why? Well, we're not sure if you've heard, but he's kind of a hottie.

My colleague Christina Garibaldi and I spent part of the morning prepping questions for Enrique. What would we ask? How would we ask it? Would we try and get him to water ski nude right here in the office? (Spoiler alert: We didn't. There are no bodies of water in the MTV building. So interns, don't believe your superiors — there's not a pool on the roof!)

In the end, Christina and I played it straight. He talked about his album Euphoria, his plans to tour some time in the next year, his latest single "I Like It" (available on his album and on the soundtrack to "Jersey Shore," both of which are available now) and he pledged that one day he would water ski naked, just like he promised. I'd like to take this moment to thank Spain for winning the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Why? Well, it just means that we'll finally get the chance to see Enrique in his birthday suit. And, well, we like it.