Avenged Sevenfold's 'Nightmare' Video: The Key Scene

The anticipation over the release of new music from Avenged Sevenfold has been palpable and feverish, partially because the group has an extremely devoted following, partially because they have been a band on the brink of a major breakthrough for a few years and partially because people were curious to see how they would handle the death of their drummer Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan late last year. This week, the band unveiled the clip for their new single "Nightmare," which is the first track from their upcoming album of the same name (which hits stores next week).

Both as a song and as a video, "Nightmare" delivers. The track settles into a deeper metal groove than some of their past work, with jack-hammering guitars grinding out an extremely melodic riff. The music sounds extra thick, which can probably be credited to producer Mike Elizondo (who has worked with everybody from Dr. Dre and Eminem to Rilo Kiley and Maroon 5). The video is typically manic, taking the viewer on a tour of the most horrifying sanitarium in history. The horrors in the clip include giant hairy spiders, a guy dancing with a skeleton, old women with crazy faces, a dude bleeding from the skull and, in the video's key scene, a terrifying little girl.

The clip ends with a shot of a drum kit with nobody behind it — a fitting tribute to the Rev that is neither maudlin nor crass. All in all, "Nightmare" resonates with everything that makes Avenged Sevenfold awesome: Pulse-pounding riffs, frontman M. Shadows' evil bellow, catchy tunes and a resilient savagery.

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