What Is Eminem’s Best Overall Collaboration?

Over the past few days, MTV Newsroom Blog readers helped establish that Eminem’s “Love the Way You Lie” is his best collaboration with a female artist (narrowly beating out his team-up with Dido for “Stan”) and that his best tag-team with a male singer or rapper is “No Love” (the Lil Wayne-assisted track from Recovery). Though neither of the polls in question are scientific, they do drive home the fact that Recovery is one of the strongest in Eminem’s career and one of the best of the year.

Both of those polls have been limited to songs that appear on proper Eminem albums, but as many of the commenters have pointed out, Slim Shady is constantly in demand for collaborations on other albums. So now it’s time to open up the poll to all Eminem collaborations. Any time Eminem has been on a song with another artist, its a reasonable track to consider. So after combing through dozens of tracks, here are the nominees for the best Eminem collaboration of all time. (Because they’ve already won polls of their own, “Love the Way You Lie” and “No Love” have automatically been entered into the poll below.)

Check out the tracks we’ve chosen, vote in the poll and leave your thoughts in the comments!

It seems sort of unfair to even include this one because it’s so killer. This team-up with Jay-Z (from 2001’s The Blueprint) has a killer beat and two of the best rappers alive on top of their respective games. It’ll be shocking if this isn’t voted number one.

“Forgot About Dre”
When Eminem first hit the scene, much was made about the fact that he could rap really fast. He puts that skill to good use on this pairing with Dr. Dre from 1999’s 2001.

“Dead Wrong”
Though the beat leaves a lot to be desired and the context is sort of bittersweet, but it does provide an enticing look into what the Notorious B.I.G.’s arc could have been had he not been tragically killed.

“Go to Sleep”
On this three-way with DMX and Obie Trice, Eminem is all about his unbridled rage. But even as he repeatedly cuts down Ja Rule, he remains poetic and kinetic. Is it any mystery that this song provides the soundtrack to countless compilations of UFC knockouts?

“Forever” (Remix)
It’s a testament to Eminem’s skills that he is able to stand next to three of the hottest MCs in the world — Lil Wayne, Kanye West and Drake — and still stand out. Though everybody delivers on “Forever,” even LeBron James thought Eminem had the best verse.

Obie Trice is one of Em’s best foils, and this is one of the pair’s sharpest tunes.

“Drop the World”
Though the legacy of Lil Wayne’s Rebirth will be questionable, Weezy’s team-up with Eminem is pure savagery and grace.

“Airplanes (Part II)”
While the original version (which only featured B.o.B and Paramore singer Hayley Williams) is excellent, the extra Eminem verse at the end turns “Airplanes” from a merely great jam into an instant classic.

“Fight Music”
Eminem’s work with D12 always felt a little inconsistent, perhaps because he usually got out of the way and let the other members of his posse shine. But the interplay on “Fight Music” is top shelf and worthy of Slim’s best efforts.

“How Come”
Another exceptional posse cut from D12, this sees the entire squad — but especially Eminem — at their most passionate and honest.

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