Pink’s Tumble Joins The List Of Great Music Falls

After being taken to a hospital after taking a nasty fall off the stage during a show in Nuremberg, Germany on Thursday night (July 15), Pink has been released and will be hitting the stage for a scheduled concert on Friday night (July 16) in Salem, Germany. Her return to the stage will be another great musical Lazarus moment, and her genuinely frightening fall immediately jumps up in the pantheon of on-stage accidents.

Though she manages to carry herself with style and grace no matter where she goes, the energy and aggression she carries into her concerts has caused her to lose her footing more than once. There are all sorts of entries that come up when you search for “Beyoncé fall video,” but the most notorious was this particular encounter with a flight of stairs.

The America’s Most Wanted tour was supposed to be a huge coming out party for Drake, who had already scored a massive hit with “Best I Ever Had” despite the fact that the release of his debut album was a year away. But while on stage in Philadelphia, the rapper took a tumble that ended up tearing his ACL and forcing his exit from the tour.

Justin Bieber
In the fall heard ’round the Internet, Bieber actually just stumbled a bit while performing as the opening act for Taylor Swift in Britain. But it was enough to fracture his foot and put him in a cast. That didn’t stop him from performing.

Britney Spears
The intense, active, dance-heavy Circus tour saw Spears constantly moving, changing outfits, interacting with her dancers and changing levels on the various platforms and sets. So it’s inevitable that she would stumble here and there. But like Beyoncé, Spears manages to shake it off without much flinching.

Katy Perry
Following a performance of “I Kissed a Girl” at the 2009 version of Los Premios, Perry hopped onto a cake and ended up slipping and falling on the stage. Of course, she was covered in frosting at the time, which is a reasonable excuse for losing your footing. However, Perry recently took a tumble at a club in Toronto, which earned her a cut on her leg and 17 stitches.

Alice Cooper
For a number of reasons, nobody should ever question whether or not Cooper is truly hardcore. But in case you were wondering, just remember that Cooper once took a nasty fall in Vancouver in 1975, cracking some ribs and giving him a concussion. And then he finished the show. Metal!

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