The ‘Inception’ Soundtrack Playlist: Prepare For A Mind Bend With Beyoncé And Madonna

No matter what sort of movies you are into, your cup runneth over with excellent options at your local cineplex this weekend. You still have the opportunity to see the funny, charming “Despicable Me,” the action-packed “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” and the underrated alien hunter tale “Predators.” But the big headline this weekend belongs to “Inception,” the twist, mysterious, visually engrossing blockbuster staring Leonardo DiCaprio and directed by Christopher Nolan (he of “The Dark Knight” and “Batman Begins” fame). Part of the joy of “Inception” is the fact that the plot has been kept vague on purpose, but you can trust that Nolan’s warped storytelling (best seen in films like “Memento” and “The Prestige”) will well-compliment the surreal visual artistry and mind-bending action contained in the trailers.

It’s a dense film, and one that may require multiple viewings in order to fully take in. That’s why we’ve worked extra hard to create the video playlist below, which should properly prepare you to experience “Inception.” Most of the songs are devoted to the idea of dreams, including Dokken’s legendary “Dream Warriors” (from “A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 3: Dream Warriors”), Beyoncé’s “Sweet Dreams,” Marilyn Manson’s “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” and Arab Strap’s “Dream Sequence.” There are also tracks that pay lip service to the film’s mysteries (Sarah McLachlan’s “Building a Mystery,” Gnarls Barkley’s “Mystery Man”) as well as the secrets buried deep within “Inception” (All-American Rejects “Dirty Little Secret,” Queens of the Stone Age’s “The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret”).

But because DiCaprio’s character could be described as “Runnin’ Down a Dream,” we kick off with the Tom Petty song of the same name.


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