'So You Think You Can Dance' Recap: Injury Forces Ashley Out

By Sandrine Milet

For the second consecutive week on "So You Think You Can Dance," Nigel Lythgoe announced that another top dancer was going to have to leave the competition due to an injury. Because Ashley's injury requires at least two to three weeks of full rest, she was forced to say goodbye and ended her run in the competition in tears. "It just hurts for leaving like this," she said. Now with two injured (and amazing) dancers gone, the question remains: Will this be the last injury on the show?

With Ashley gone, Lauren remains the only female still standing. Although at first I had my doubts about her, week after week she seems to be improving and is getting high marks from the judges for her strength and determination. I guess this means we'll be seeing more men being paired up for the contestant partnered dances.

Joining Ashley in the bottom three (she was automatically put there because of her injury) were Billy (for the second week in a row) and first timer Jose. But seeing Jose in the bottom three wasn't much of a surprise, as it has become more and more apparent that Jose's technique is just not up to par with the other dancers, plus his Broadway routine on Wednesday night (July 14) was disappointing. However, I will admit that during his solo he really fought for his life, trying new tricks and dancing harder than ever, while Billy recycled old moves and give us his usual high extensions.

And while the drama unfolded during the results show there was a Tyce Diorio Broadway group number danced by the contestants and the All-Stars, a notable performance from Jamal Roberts and Rachel McLaren from the Alvin Ailey Dance Company, a hip-hop routine from Twitch and Comfort and a musical performance from Christina Perry singing her hit single "Jar of Hearts."