Sway Challenges You To ‘Get In The Game’ On Your.MTV.Com!

“Get in the game!” is a phrase that my football coach used to say to me when I was on the field but couldn’t make plays. Whenever I heard that, I knew I had to get myself focused and work harder at creating opportunities. I’m often approached on the street by a lot of young, striving artists trying to break through in the music business. They’re just looking for the chance to get a foot in the door and get themselves involved. Well, here’s your chance to create an opportunity to “Get in the Game”!

No matter what block you rep, if you’re unsigned and looking for a break I want to provide you with the chance to be discovered and featured on MTV. Just post a video clip with your music to Your.MTV.com to let me (and the rest of the Your.MTV.com community) hear your best stuff. Of course, there are a few ground rules: It must be all original music, contain no inappropriate language and — most of all — no lyrical biting! Every week, I will personally select a new artist to spotlight. So “Get in the Game” and maybe it’ll be you who gets some shine!


Want to “Get in the Game” with Sway? Head on over to Your.MTV.com to upload your music and take your best shot at the opportunity to be featured on MTV!

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