Rob Zombie Brings His ‘Twisted’ Personality To ‘WWE Raw’

Over the past year, “WWE Raw” — the premiere weekly professional wrestling television show — has been inviting stars from the film, television, sports and music worlds into the squared circle to play “guest host” on the show. Sometimes the special guest takes a proactive approach (Bob Barker turned the entire two hour program into an extended episode of “The Price is Right”) while others just sort of fade into the background (like that odd Wayne Brady episode). On Monday night’s (June 28) episode, extreme film director and metal icon Rob Zombie took the microphone to run the show.

Zombie has a bit of history with professional wrestling, as he is pals with former champion Edge and his song “Never Gonna Stop (The Red Red Kroovy)” acted as Edge’s entrance music a few years back. Zombie actually had an exchange with Edge during the show, as the wrestling star appeared to confront the singer about dropping “Never Gonna Stop” as his official song (a sentiment that Zombie batted down, saying that he actually took the song back because he couldn’t stand Edge once he became a bad guy). Zombie’s role was mostly relegated to announcing the main event of the organization’s upcoming “Money in the Bank” show (which will air on pay-per-view on July 18). The rocker announced to the crowd that he was a fan of “the sick and twisted things that take place in this ring,” and then let everybody know the participants in the eight-man ladder match at the show (including the aforementioned Edge, Randy Orton, Evan Bourne, former “The Real World” star the Miz, Ted DiBiase, R-Truth, Chris Jericho and John Morrison).

Zombie, who was decked out in a Lou reed T-shirt (probably the first and only time that will be happening on WWE programming), did a fine job psyching up the crowd, and his natural charisma came across even as he was just reading names. Considering a big part of his persona comes from a sort of demented ringmaster concept, he was a natural in the ring. And the “Money in the Bank” match was an appropriate one for Zombie to announce, as not only will it feature a healthy amount of violence (something the director of “House of 1,000 Corpses” and “The Devil’s Rejects” is familiar with) but also a bunch of participants with connections to the music world (Jericho is the frontman of metal band Fozzy, R-Truth uses a hip-hop gimmick and John Morrison’s character is a take-off on late Doors frontman Jim Morrison).

What did you think of Rob Zombie on “WWE Raw”? Who will win the “Money in the Bank” match? Let us know in the comments!