Kanye West Kicks The Horus Chain At The BET Awards

In the aftermath of Sunday night's (June 27) 2010 BET Awards, much of the attention was focused on Chris Brown's emotional breakdown during the show's tribute to the late Michael Jackson (and, too a lesser extent, the triumphant return of El DeBarge). But there were a number of excellent performances and at least one other high-profile comeback that should be considered memorable and excellent. Kanye West took the stage to deliver a scorching version of his new track "Power" with the help of some killer video footage behind him (including an unfortunate shot of a volcano spewing from underneath West's feet). West was his typical passionate self in his performance and delivery, but the real significance is in the fact that West is back on stage (at an awards show, no less) for the first time since his run-in with Taylor Swift at the 2009 Video Music Awards.

But really, the big headline was West's bling. While he was performing, it appeared as though he was rapping with a giant G.I. Joe "Cobra" logo around his neck (which would have been tremendously awesome). But West's blog cleared up the confusion today when he revealed that he was actually wearing a chain that had a Horus on the end of it. (He was also wearing a pyramid ring, which wasn't terribly clear on television.)

Horus was one of the oldest and most powerful deities in Ancient Egypt. He served a number of different purposes, but was most notably the God of War and the God of the Sky. Horus protected hunters and warriors and gave might to all those who paid tribute to him. It's a powerful image, and it's not mystery why West would be attracted to such an intense icon.