Maroon 5’s ‘Misery’ Video: The First Look

It has been a few years since we heard from Maroon 5, the multi-platinum-selling quintet from Los Angeles who have scored giant hits with tracks like “This Love,” “She Will Be Loved,” “Makes Me Wonder” and “Wake Up Call.” Their last studio album was 2007’s It Won’t Be Soon Before Long, which lead the group on a world tour and found them rubbing elbows with some of the biggest stars in music (including tourmates OneRepublic and collaborator Rihanna).

The group spent the better part of 2009 in Switzerland with producer Robert John “Mutt” Lange (the man behind such stone cold classics as AC/DC’s Back in Black, Def Leppard’s Pyromania, Nickelback’s Dark Horse and Shania Twain’s Come On Over) to produce their latest album Hands All Over. The new collection of tunes is set to hit stores on September 21, but the single “Misery” just crash landed on the airwaves last week. This Thursday (July 1) sees the release of the video for “Misery,” but the 30-second preview is available right now.

The action-packed preview features singer Adam Levine (dressed in his 1950s greaser best) taking a beating from a beautiful blonde woman before being hit by a car in a pretty impressive stunt. Those scenes are intercut with clips of the band playing outside at a block party, and the vibe looks to match the funky, sunshiney vibe of the song itself.


Maroon 5’s videos are always big events, as their past work has always contained plenty of eye-catching and sexually suggestive imagery. Their clip for “This Love” famously featured sex scenes between Levine and his then-girlfriend, while the videos for “She Will Be Loved” and “Wake Up Call” also contained explicit content. Will the balance of the video end containing more super-sexy scenes? You’ll have to wait until Thursday, July 1 to find out.